Stride into Sport

Sport North East is excited to be working together with Regional Sport Victoria (RSV) to bring back our popular Stride into Sport Campaign ahead of the upcoming summer sporting season.

The campaign – which first commenced 12 months ago and was successfully rolled out through winter this year, is designed to help our sporting clubs with boosting player, volunteer, coaching and officiating registrations. 

We know how difficult it has been for our local clubs and for State Sporting Organisations to attract mass numbers back into the fold since COVID-19, and the program has grown to help further boost local opportunities. 

That’s why we are teaming up with a number of new and previous Victorian sports to help you all #strideintosport over the coming months, and get active within your local community. 

The campaign will aim to boost club registrations and will actively promote sporting opportunities available over the summer. Participation in sport and active recreation can be on or off the field/pitch/court/river/pool/track in the form of playing, coaching, volunteering or officiating.

Sporting clubs can often be the hub of a community. The place where we connect with people – socialising, learning, enjoying each other’s company. It can be a place where we feel we belong. Through the campaign, we hope to help all regional Victorians feel that connection, by helping individuals connect with the pursuits that they enjoy in their local community.

For more information on Stride into Sport, click here.