Gender Equality Checklist for Sporting Clubs

VicHealth has developed a Checklist for Gender Equality as an opt-in project for all sporting organisations, and Sport North East is seeking out clubs within the Alpine, Indigo, Towong, Wangaratta & Wodonga shires.

Over only 10 questions, this checklist will cover some of the issues women and girls in sporting club environments may face including role modelling, celebrating achievements, social sport opportunities and club leadership.

After completion, clubs will have tailored guidance to create small positives towards gender equality through low to no-cost and simple to implement changes. These changes may be as straightforward as extra promotion of women participating in your sport through social media channels or a more involved approach by attaining 40% (or more) female representation at Committee or Board level.

Clubs that complete the Gender Equality Checklist will be contacted twice over the course of 3-4 months. Upon completion of the questionnaire, Clubs will be contacted and two key areas of improvements will be identified. These improvements are able to be actioned in a time-frame that suits the club. After 3 months, a progress check-in will occur.

The Checklist is designed to increase awareness and prompt positive changes within sporting clubs regarding gender equality and is not to be considered as a Pass/Fail test.

If you or your club has any questions or need more information about the checklist, please email us on or give us a call on 1300 843 236.