Trial by Water

Sport North East is looking to increase the health of sports clubs and their supporters by making small and gradual changes that can have a positive effect for the club and its supporters through an increase in water consumption at local club games and events.

All sports clubs are welcome to participate and the Sport North East team will support your club through the process.

These projects are flexible and can be designed to suit you and your club’s needs. A typical project framework would be:

Step 1 – Meet with Sport North East, identify what outcomes the club wants, and decide on which change will work best for the club
Step 2 – No change made to canteen, base line data is recorded (so we can measure the difference made by the change)
Step 3 – A change is made & data is recorded. The change could be:

  • Modified display or placement of drinks
  • Price Changes (e.g. 2 for 1 water deals)

Step 4 – Recorded data is evaluated to measure change in water sales
Step 5 – Club discussion of how well the change met their goal
Step 6 – Another change is made (optional)

If you and your club are interested and would like to discuss a project and how it might look at your club.

Contact Sport North East on (03) 5721 0200