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Tackle Your Feelings

This Autumn Sport North East, has partnered with Tackle Your Feelings to help upskill local community coaches’ understanding of mental health through a series of workshops.

Tackle Your Feelings is a mental health training initiative designed for community Aussie Rules football clubs that strives to improve the abilities and awareness of mental health by building skills to foster an environment where athletes are supported to effectively manage their emotions.

With free access to simplified training and tools inspired by those used by professional AFL clubs and players, clubs are able to build awareness of mental health and enhance the individual experience of their players, their families and the broader community.

The initiative will result in community coaches from right across regional Victoria participating in a mental health training session delivered by local psychologists, before undertaking further online learning.

This training will be available for coaches committee members and club leaders in Wangaratta, Wodonga, Alpine, Towong and Indigo

Leon Cameron, who is a Tackle Your Feelings ambassador and current AFL senior coach, has, along with the GWS Giants staff and players, been through the program.

“It’s vital that coaches all have the basics to manage what is a complex issue facing many Australians. The program gives local footy coaches access to mental health support tools inspired by those used at the professional level. Coaches shouldn’t be scared to ask someone how they’re going. With the different age groups, we all coach you might have to ask in a different way, but don’t be scared.”

AFLCA CEO Mark Brayshaw speaks of the importance of coaches at the grassroots level to understand mental health and become better equipped to support their playing group.

“From a mental health perspective, there is no difference between the player-coach relationships at the elite level to grassroots level. The Tackle Your Feelings program will help grassroots AFL coaches by equipping them with an understanding of mental health so they can look after their players if and when they need it.”

For more information or to get involved with the Tackle Your Feelings program, please contact Tim Oliver by emailing tim.oliver@thecentre.vic.edu.au or calling 0429 857 692

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