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COVID-19 UPDATE: Further easing of restrictions in Regional (17th September 2021)

After incredible efforts from our community, we see further easing of restriction in our regions and all over Victoria. However, these easing looks slow and minimal, but we can surely say that there is light at the end of tunnel. North East Victorians have been strong and doing the right thing throughout the pandemic. We urge that we keep doing the right thing and keep our community safe !

Intrastate Travel Limit:

  • You can travel for vaccine appointment to adjacent LGA.
  • Construction workers can’t travel to Metropolitan Melbourne and Ballarat for work.

Indoor Physical Recreation Facilities:

  • Open with 10 people indoor and 20 outdoor as per venue

Pools: Open

  • Up-to 50 people outdoor and 20 people indoor.
  • Hydrotherapy and swimming lessons may occur
  • Spa’s, Saunas and Steam rooms closed

For more information on premier’s statement and table of contents, please follow the link below:


NOTE: Change in restrictions have been highlighted in yellow in the table of contents

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